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Douglas J. Grenville

I am motivated to paint by my intense love of nature. It is perhaps my way of preserving and protecting it forever.

Having grown up isolated in the boreal forest of northern Ontario, and later spending years as a botanist studying and observing plants, my memory is filled with images of life forms. It is these I seek to represent in my paintings. My lines, shapes and colours are those that reside within me from a long and intimate relationship with the boreal forest and its lakes, and many hours of microscopic examination.

Douglas Grenville has also been featured numerous members of the Swiss and International press

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Upcoming Vernissages and Expositions

January 22 to March 19 2010 > Exposition in Monthey
Vernissage on 22 January

February 8 to 21 2010 > "Ecosystems" Exposition in Abu Dhabi

March 17 to April 2 2010 > Exposition in Geneva
United Nations Building

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